This Lyrics Stuck In My Head

Nowadays, this lyrics stuck in my head

My loneliness is killing me

From Hit Me One More Time, Britney Spears but actually I listening its cover version. Kurt Schneider cover version of course, with Sam Tsui and Kina Grannis. Then I feel like I’m dying. Dying. We’re all dying.

And worry what happens next

From Story, Sam Tsui. Its video take in Okinawa, Japan about last month with the genius Kurt Schneider. Story is a song with cheerfull vibes but why only this lyrics line stuck in my head. Just, WHY?

I was born to be me

From, um, dunno. I listen it for the first time from Kurt Schneider. Again, ha! He plays with Sam Tsui and Macy Kate. Usually people say I was born to be awesome or other words refers to greatness so I feel this lyrics line is such a gentle words.

I had a dream we were back to seventeen–bla bla bla dunno–never growing up

This lyrics come from It Ain’t Me, Selena Gomez and Kygo. Again, I listening KHS cover version which is his playing with Kina Grannis.

OMG. All of song in my playlist is Kurt!

Atashi Ren-kun ga suki desu

Ah, wait wait! This is not lyrics. Actually it is a dialog in Strobe Edge Japanesse movie. I listening its soundtrack and of course I have no idea what its singer sang. But this song begin with a scene of the movie which is I know a little of its language. A love scene, yeah.

My mood swing today. Out of the blue I feel bad and want to cry. But guess what? In the end of the day I hear such a good news from Jakarta so I decided to smile anyway.

OK. That’s all. Did you found some spelling or grammar mistake here? Tell me, please!

Huah, capek uga nulis English!



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